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  • Duomo di Milano (Milan, Italy)

    The Duomo di Milano is the main cathedral in Milan. It is a huge building that has a long if somewhat tortured history. The cathedral took centuries to build and this has resulted in a building that does have a bit of an odd look to it. It is however a very large cathedral which does make it impressive. It is definitely something that everybody should make an effort to see.

    The Duomo di Milano or the Milan Cathedral is the fourth largest cathedral in the world and the largest in Italy. It took more than six centuries to complete construction of the building, largely because new additions were constantly being added to the site. The cathedral is currently the seat of the Archbishop of Milan. It is one of the city's major tourist attractions with thousands of people going through the building each day.

    Construction of the Milan Cathedral began in 1386 on the site of an old roman church that had burned down five hundred years before. The church was designed in the gothic style and was intended from the start to be the most impressive church in Italy. The problem was that the construction techniques that were necessary to complete the building would not be developed into well into the future. This combined with constant money issues and design changes meant that the cathedral was not finished until 1802. The final work was ordered by Napoleon who was about to have himself crowned King of Italy and had no intention of doing it in a church that was not completed. The result was that the remaining façade was completed as something of a rush job.

    Because of the fact that it took so long to finish the Milan Cathedral it has created a few issues that many people have criticized. The biggest problem is that over the course of six hundred years tastes in church design changed and as a result the cathedral uses many different styles. The result is that it does tend to look a little bit disjointed. The other problem is that the quality of construction tended to vary over the years. This has left a church that although quite large most people don't really find it to be all that impressive.

    Inside the Milan Cathedral are several monuments and works of art. The most important of these are the sarcophagi of several of the Archbishops of Milan. The church itself is an important house of worship as it is the main church in the city. It also attracts tourists from all over the world. This is largely due to the fact that Milan is a major tourist center and it is the most impressive building in the city. It is certainly worth visiting if you ever take a trip to Milan.

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